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Wilie -adopted


From Wilie’s foster mom: I sit here deciding how to describe him beyond just a 3yr old Kelpie mix and all I can do is smile. He is a rambunctious, ‘Squirrely’ (His aptly suited nickname) weirdo, but I have not loved a foster like him since I adopted my last. If my house wasn’t already feeling full, I would not hesitate to keep him, he truly makes me laugh with his hilarious antics and funny pranks.
If you love training your dog or are involved in a dog sport, this is your guy. Wilie thrives off having boundaries and learning; he is a riot to train, you will never have a more eager student than he! Everything he learns he displays with pride and joy. He is learning to mind his manners passing dogs on leash, with proper handling this bad habit will be a thing of the past. With correct introductions, he is easy to get off leash with dogs large and small, and hikes with dogs on a regular basis.
Wilie thinks he is an oversized lap dog and has no shame in sprawling out in your lap begging for belly rubs. You can’t meet him and not love him, he makes all who are near him smile.
If you decide that he is a good fit for your lifestyle, know that he is a once in a life time dog. He is fully vaccinated, neutered and fully crate trained. Cats are unknown at this time, we recommend children 13 years or older.

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