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Angel and Molly – adopted


Angel and Molly are sadly looking for a loving forever home !  These two girls and spayed  andare both approx. 14 years old and definitely have to go to a home together !  They like to play together and have lots of good energy still !    They can be a bit skittish which is common for Chihuahuas but are good with other dogs and cats !

They would probably do best in a quiet home with no young kids or loud activities as they are used to a quieter home.     They have not been kennel trained but are ok if left in a smaller room if need be.

they still love their walks on leash as they will take off if off leash and not contained ..  Molly was lost YEARS ago for over a week so it is important that they only be on leash so that never happens again.

They are paper trained if needed to be left for a bit of time.

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