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Lucy and Marley

These two dogs need a home together preferred.. .and a home without young kid


We believe she is a Dachshund/Chihuahua mix (although we aren’t really sure about the Chihuahua part). She is roughly 20lbs, very high energy, has great recall, and we can successfully walk off leash with her in any dog park. She is “talker” as the breed can be so she will bark with movement outside or over stimulation ..   Lucy is house trained, eats well, loves to be petted and loved, but is good at keeping herself entertained with dog toys. We believe Lucy is about 6yrs old now. 


Marley is a Dachshund mix (we think he’s mixed with Beagle). He is roughly 17lbs and probably around 8.5yrs old now – a bit anxious, doesn’t like big dogs, doesn’t like men, but is so lovely and mellow when he’s relaxed at home. He barks like crazy at the door, but also barks at men who have darker skin and dark hair.   He cannot be walked off leash as he has terrible recall and will take off..

Please email if any questions or to apply !   We are just assisting with the rehoming of these two dogs ..


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