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Frankie – Adopted !!

Meet Frankie !  this sweet puppy is about 3-4 months of age.   He is a Pomeranian X we think and is loving, cuddly and great with other animals !

He is spunky and full of  beans but sadly he was born with a liver shunt

We have done an ultrasound on him but unfortunately the specialist doesn’t think he is a candidate for surgery.  Most with his type of shunt don’t survive or seizure after the surgery is done.  so we are going to leave it be and hope to maintain with food diet and medications !     We aren’t sure what sort of a length of life he will have but we do know we adopted a dog out with a shunt back in 2011 and he is still going strong !       He is a sweet loving little boy so we are hoping someone will want to love and care for him for what ever time he has !!    He is a baby and needs a chance and lots of love !!

Please note he will need Special low protein food and can NEVER have anything else or get into anything else .. He may also need probiotics and antibiotics every once in a while to maintain his health but we will go over all this with you if you are interested !!

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