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Welcome Dynamite to BPR.. He’s about two and had all his vetting done

Note from foster mom….

Dynamite really is a diamond in the rough! He is a great little guy, and I have become quite smitten with him. I first met him at the shelter and must admit I laughed when I saw the dog causing staff and walkers so much grief. I looked at him and knew I was going to help him. and then contacted BPR and took him into foster.
I believe he had some rough handling in a kennel environment either being caught to be transferred or even just to be leashed. He needs things very slow at first and does not trust quickly but that does not last long .   Even if you go slow he can still get scared, but if you just simply sit on the ground, and he will happily jump into your lap with smiles and kisses! Once a bond of trust is formed he is much better.  He needs a home that not only understands his behaviours but is capable and comfortable helping him build his skills positively will teach him not to react.

When he first met my bunch it was actually my dogs who were the issue!   He is an amazing dog he is so loving and goofy. He would love going on hiking adventures or even the chance to run an agility course! He was very easily crate trained and will happily run there on his own to eat his dinner. Settles quickly in the home, and loves lying in the grass as I garden.

Great guy just waiting for the right match and he is so worth the effort!

A home with no young kids to please…and no cats.

To apply to adopt please read our adoption process and fees page!!

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