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Shorty & Lefty – adopted




these two sweet dogs need a home together !

Shorty Is the smaller and lighter in color of the two boys. He likes to be cuddled more but will sometimes just take his own space. Neither of the boys bark to any excess and are absolutely wonderful in meeting other dogs and people alike. They will bark a bit on approach but love to meet other people and dogs.    Shorty does not like the cold and  loves it when I put a blanket in the dryer for him to roll around on.  Both the boys are great off leash and will never straying too far but Shorty is always in the lead scoping things out.   They are crate trained .  Lefty is a bit more shy and can sometimes seem a bit out of sorts if in a new situation … He can have a bit more anxiety so needs a bit more time and patience ..

They are getting fixed soon so once that is done they will be ready to go !   email us for more info !

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