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Wilbur – Adopted


Welcome Wilbur to BPR !  Isn’t he the cutest thing you have ever seen ??

Wilbur is a 5month old bully breed mix puppy with a very laid back attitude. He is happy just sleeping curled up with his foster sister, Roxstar, or chewing on a nylabone. Wilbur is smack dab in the middle of teething right now so giving him appropriate things to chew sets him up for success!! Wilbur is extremely food motivated and easy to train. He already knows his basics like sit, wait, and leave it. We haven’t had a lot of walking experience due to his bad leg, and then amputation, but when we have gone out all I need to do is keep a handful of his dog food in my pockets and he won’t leave my side. Wilbur is fully housetrained and has never had an accident in my home. That being said, he is still a puppy and needs to be monitored. Once he learns what door leads to the outside, he is really good about standing by the door when he needs to go out. Wilbur is also crate trained and has had no issue sleeping in his crate at night or being in his crate when we are out of the house. He also gets his breakfast and dinner in his crate so that he associates the crate with his favourite thing…food!!

Wilbur will require an owner willing to do some physio with him to slowly strengthen his remaining rear leg. We cannot stress the importance of this! It will take some time to build up strength in his good leg and to prevent any damage while he is learning to live with one less leg. Having said that this fellow is a trooper and will enjoy the time he gets to spend with his new person. Unfortunately Wilbur is not ready for a rowdy house mate so other dogs in the home are better to be smaller or calmer so they don’t get too carried away. Wilbur will likely not be a candidate for off leash dogs parks as getting knocked down by bigger stronger dogs puts him at risk for damage to that last good rear leg. While Wilbur does need someone to make sure he doesn’t get carried away he does need to be able to run, play and have run like any other dog just after he has developed the strength in his good leg. So leash walks are best for Wilbur, lots of cuddle time and people to adore him. A fenced yard where he can have supervised off leash time would be best for him.


Sorry no cats!!



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