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Boomer is not a BPR kitty .. we are just helping his owners find him a new home .. please email us if interested and we can have you fill out an application form and we will then connect you to the owners !!  thanks s much !!

They wanted to highlight that he needs to be 100% inside only ..   NO kids (sorry) he is just to rambunctious and rough houses too much ..  and as well he needs LOTS of space so unfortunately no apartments or condo’s ..  he needs a big house so he can have lots of room to run and play !!   This is all because of his specific breed and personality and what is best for him .. thanks for understanding ..

Boomer’s birthday is on April 4, 2016 and he is a neutered jungle pixie-bob. He weighs about 15 pounds and has no tail (part of his breed).

Boomer is a very adventurous cat that loves to play! His favorite game is to chase the bird on a string or chase balls. If he doesn’t get enough play time in, he may run around to burn off some energy! Because of his breed and energy Boomer should be in a space that is quite large so he is able to explore and play freely.

Besides his adventurous side, Boomer is very affectionate. He loves to cuddle and often sleeps in the bed with you.. typically under the covers to keep warm. He loves to “groom” you after you shower by licking your wet hair. He is a very loud purr’er! He is generally more cuddly if he is wearing his kitty sweaters. We recommend putting a cat sweater on him (not too tight) as it acts like a thunder jacket.

Boomer is very dominant so needs a home without anything feline! He loves to play with dogs but can be too energetic and playful with them at times. A young dog with a lot of energy that is also gentle may be the perfect friend for him. He is almost a dog in a cat’s body.

Boomer’s breed is very smart and capable of getting into cabinets where he knows his food is kept. We have had to put child locks on a few of our cabinets. Being this smart means he’s also trainable although stubborn at times. He is ultimately food driven, and we’ve taught him to say ‘please’ for his breakfast and dinner. Before we set the plate with his wet food/ a scoop of dry food, we ask, “what do we say?” and before he’s given any food, he has to meow. 95% of the time, he does it. He’s very curious and inquisitive.

Boomer is easily picked up, snuggled, and petted. But is a big boy and can play hard so best in a home without young kids

All in all, Boomer’s energy is so loving and welcoming. He’s there as soon as we come home waiting for one of us to pick him up. As soon as your thumbs go under his armpits, he gets up on his back legs and stretches up to you making all kinds of weird and cute noises. He’s like a rag doll, you can pick him up and let him stretch all over backwards.

Please email if interested for an application form


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