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Ruby is a 7 year old lab/pitbull cross. She has a sweet, gentle nature. She spent her life loving to run and exercise, but a torn ACL in her hind leg in the summer of 2016 changed her ability to do so. She was able to make a recovery, but is no longer able to run and jump without experiencing pain afterwards. Ruby’s family has two very young children who Ruby is constantly trying to keep up with. They climb all over her, and although she wants to play, her old injury prevents her from being able to do so and as such, largely has to be secluded from the family. In the interest of giving Ruby the best quality of life, her family is looking to find her a new forever home. Ruby’s sweet, laid back disposition would make her an ideal companion dog, and as she can no longer exercise (except for very short walks occasionally), she is very low maintenance. She does not take any pain medication on an ongoing basis as it’s only required after any extra exertion (which could be very easily mitigated in a home without young children). 

She loves cuddles and is super affectionate and calm. Ruby is fully house trained, crate trained, loves all people, dogs and the occasional treat 🙂 


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