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Milo is a full of beans playful and a HUGE love bug 8 month old Bully Breed Puppy !    He is a well rounded playful boy who gets along with all other dogs !

We are learning he does have separation anxiety so needs a home with a older calm dog who will sometimes play but will also not be too playful as he can over due it if he has another young dog around ..(he will never stop playing!)    No small zippy and yippy dogs tho… They are way too much for him

He also needs a home where someone isn’t gone full days ..  preferably only a few hours a day ..  Or at least has a plan where they are home for a few weeks or more .. or can work from home for a few weeks until he is settled in ..

He is a puppy and so far all he’s ever known is lots of activity around him.. so he does cry and bark when we leave him alone — we are working on crate training with him  … he is a super amazing puppy but will need some guidance to ease him into being able to be left alone…

He is over exuberant and loves to jump up so probably not best suited for a home with young children…

if you want to get an application in now please email us for that !  – Please research the breed before you apply — he is a puppy so does need training to “not jump up” for attention ..   and a few other puppy traits !! haha







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