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Loki – Courtesy Post


Loki’s needs a family home, one where he can get a lot of attention. He will follow me around my home ever where, even when i’m in the shower he will sit there and wait for me. He is an indoor and outdoor cat, loves to hunt and is not good with being indoor only. He can be vocal, when you talk to him he will meow back and will let you know when he needs something. He is a big cat very fluffy, and is good with other cats loves to play. And keeps his distance from dogs. Is litter trained, and will drink his water from an actual glass not a bowl.

He is 3 years old and vaccinated and neutered .. he’s hoping for a place where he can have outside access where it’s safe and not in the city… So hopefully on a cul-de-sac or somewhere with property
We are just helping place him in a new home so if interested please email for an application form
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