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Updated:   Feb 2020

He is  sweet and calm boy who is super easy and lovely to have around.  He is a very independent boy though so likes a couple head scratches or body rubs and then he is done and walks away ..  so he needs a home where someone wants a more independent cat and one who doesn’t need alot of attention.    He NEEDS to go to a home with another friendly and non dominant cat.  We tried him in a home all on his own and he cried for weeks !  Now that he is back in the foster home with other cats he is fine !   so he does need a buddy !

Meow about one marvelous marbled coat! Mango, so sweet and so shy at 7, came to us from the SPCA Cowichan and is happily at home in his foster home. Blossoming daily, he’s been gaining confidence from the other cats and learning to trust in the kindness of people. Still hesitant about being touched, once you begin, he responds by rewarding you with his purrs. During the day he’s out and about, exploring the house, and at night he sleeps soundly on his foster mom’s bed. Now all this mellow mister needs is a patient and loving home that will bolster his confidence while giving him time to grow into the Mango he was meant to be.


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