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Hugo and Milo – courtesy post

Hugo and Milo

are littermate brothers who are very bonded so need to stay together. They are very snuggly and playful, and everyone who meets them falls in love. They have lived inside their whole lives but in a safe environment would love to explore outside. They are very gentle and get along with kids, dogs, other cats, everyone! Milo has an amazing purr and is very outgoing, Hugo will be your shadow, never far away making sure you’re okay and both will flop on your feet for belly rubs any time of day. I can’t see any loving home not being a great fit for them! They are both fixed and very healthy with a good mix of energy and snuggly time. They had all their vaccines as kittens but haven’t had any since; I’ve never seen any cause for concern regarding their health. They love carrots, avocado, tuna, and pumpkin but otherwise have never been given “human food”.  They are both 5 years old

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