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Herb and spice litter

The sweet babies were born from clover around end of May we think.. They are super sweet, playful and loving typical kittens !!    they are all hoping to go to a home with another kitten, or a home with a young playful cat so they can have a buddy !!

The photos listed below with the names are the ones that are still  waiting for a forever home

Pepper – Tabby Male

Saffron – White (dark Tail) Female

Thyme – White Boy (Polydactyl) – Adopted

Caraway – Tabby Female

Cayenne – Tabby Female

Coconut Sugar – White (dark Tail) Polydactyl Female – Adopted !!

Cinnamon – Dark Orange Female – Adopted !!

Paprika – Light Orange Cream – Female – Adopted !!

Sage – Taby Female – Adopted !!



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