Toast is a five month old male puppy..

he’s come all the way from Whitehorse with spook…he’s a typical puppy absolutely loves everybody and wants to give tons of kisses…he has a bit of training to do but he’s pretty good and picking up on things quickly… He needs to get his vet stuff done and then he’ll be looking for a forever home

Here is a bit of info from the foster home

Toast is good at walking on leash without excessive pulling, plays well with all of the dogs of all sizes & genders. He is super sweet with people & hasn’t shown any stranger shyness. He learned our bathroom routine very quickly. He is a curious guy & get into a garbage can in the night. He can also jump up onto higher surfaces, usually out of curiosity rather than frantic seperation anxiety.

he is going to be a fairly big boy who will require a fair bit of exercise and mind stimulation..

Here is what a dog trainer had to say about him and his needs

– super smart, very trainable and extremely food motivated
– would do great with one, more confident, older (than him) dog in the home
– wouldn’t recommend him as an only dog
– someone not away from home longer than 4 hours max for the next 1-2 mos for housetraining or who can hire dogsitter/walker during the day
– quieter environment and definitely needs a yard for his housetraining or ground floor – no highrise apartments

He’s got early signs of potentially resource guarding food later on so they’ll be best to feed any dogs separately just to avoid that going there..(He’s a bit panicky around his food)

-someone willing to slowly introduce him to new environments, walking slowly with him so he doesn’t get amped up, rewarding him for relaxed behaviour around “new/weird stuff”

– I would avoid walking him in the dark to start – he’s definitely more scared of stuff at night even with his giant polar bear friend there to protect him 🙂

– someone willing to put him in dog daycare or similar gig would be awesome to continue his off leash socialization with dogs

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