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Mickey is a sweet 9 year old little boy.. he it’s pretty easy going… Very sweet and loving… Unfortunately He is mostly blind but he can see shadows and gets around really well…He does need a bit of work on his house training but he’s coming along very nicely.

He does bark to go outside, so as long as we are quick about it he doesn’t go inside. We think if he goes to a home, where he learned where to go outside and where to bark, it would be easy for him. He maneuvers seemlessly. It’s hard to believe he is blind. The only indication is he doesn’t respond to a hand near his face, except to sniff the air in acknowledgement that something is near

He walks on leash very well for a good distance. We do slow down & say “up” “down” when coming to curbs… He also knows where the furniture is and how to get up and down on his own.. So not seeing doesn’t seem to hinder him at all.  He’s a super smart little boy..

He is used to having someone with him all the time so he does need a home where he isn’t left much as he does get pretty stressed when left…  He loves his walks every day and is great onleash…

updated info from his foster home:

Loves to be groomed , brushed, blow-dry
Wants to be on sofa with you or on his bed in same room
3 – 20 min walks a day was sufficient and he enjoyed that
Loves food and treats but not aggressive or posessive
Barks at door to go out to bathroom
Loves to sleep with you at foot of bed but needs help up and down
Not playful with balls or toys but loves a little play with owner
Dog friendly
Not fearful of people
Barks when someone arrives at home but then is quiet … doesn’t carry on about it
Follows other dog lead or walks close to your feet on walks
Very responsive to his name
Very cuddly and sweet..just wants to be with his owner or people
Always needs someone with him as he has high separation anxiety
Travels in vehicle very well

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