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Star Wars Litter

Luke – adopted!!!!


Darth is a real sweetheart..he is also shy and takes a while to warm up.   But once he knows you her is very sweet and affectionate.   He loves to cuddle and sleep snuggled up with his foster mom.  He’s on her every chance you get for a snuggle..   He what do best in a home with another one of his buddies or another playful cat.

Leia – Adoption Pending

She is the most shy.   but once she knows you she is extremely affectionate and all over you and wants lots of attention…

They all need a home with someone who understands shy cats ..they all do amazing once they’re settled in but it could take a few weeks if not longer.    They’re all very affectionate loving cats once they’re settled.  They are both about a year-and-a-half now.


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