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Zoe and Yoda

These two girls came to us very sick and scared.  They’ve come a long way!    they both are going to be shy and scared to start in a new home but very sweet once they warm up.  These girls will need a special type of home where someone is okay with shy cats.   They will probably always run away from new people coming to visit.   And what do best in a quiet home probably with no children. They would love a home together.  ** Even after having them for years they are not like regular cats.  They come to you on their own terms and still jumpy and skittish.

Zoe will come for more cuddles and I can pick her up and she’ll snuggle on my lap for hours but it has to be on her terms.  She does still run for me if I try to go to her.  I have to wait until I’m sitting down or in bed before she’ll come to me.  Yoda sleeps in bed with the foster home and comes for a lots of pets and attention but takes a bit more time to come up for cuddles..  they’re both super sweet and would love a home together if possible.  They will always be shy so need a quiet home and someone is ok with how they are.  We’re not sure if they’ll ever be like normal cat where they’re out and about and you can just walk up to them and pet them.  Most of the time it is on their terms.

Zoe is the black and white and Yoda is the tabby.  They are both about 4 years old..  born in late 2015.

These two photos of them when they’re younger!

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