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Manitoba litter – ON HOLD !!


These kittens or flown in from Manitoba so that they could have an amazing life here on the island!  There’s two boys and two girls.  Two girls are the orange and white.  Two boys are the pure white one and the dark solid Orange.

They’re about 14 weeks old have had all of their vet stuff done and hoping to find a home together in pairs or with another friendly young cat.  They’re pretty shy to start so will take a bit of time to warm up but we’re confident once they settle in they’ll make lovely Pets!

White Male – Flin Flon (he is extremely shy.  we are going to work with him a bit more as he still doesn’t want to be touched very much )

Dark solid orange male – Churchill – adopted

Orange and White Short hair female – Carman

Orange and White long hair female- Winnipeg- adopted

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