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Billie – adopted

Billie is the perfect cat in every way. He prefers humans and will greet you at the door every day, and loves to curl up next to you and purr while you relax at home. He is polite, well behaved, uses his litter box and eats his food without making a mess. He is an excellent communicator and has no problem letting his expectations known: whether it is being brushed, fed, or to have the bathroom tap turned on so that he can indulge in fresh hydration. He is inquisitive, and will be sure to investigate any drawer or cupboard opened, and he loves to play. Billie comes with a bunch of toys, most of which he prefers to play with on his own terms. He greatly enjoys encouraging his human to throw, the ball and then sitting and watching to see how long it takes the human to get up and get it.  He is 8 years old.  and he needs a home with no other animals as he is very dominant.  So if you want one cat he’s your guy!

He still needs to get to the vet to be updated vaccines and once that is done he will be ready for adoption.

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