Welcome Stella to BPR. Stella is around 5 years old. Very sweet and loving.. We think she’s a lab collie cross. She’s about 95 Lbs

Stella is such a sweetie! Super people dog, loves attention. Does bark a lot out of excitement, & it’s a high pitch bark (yikes). She does settle, but is on the high strung spectrum, panting a lot and follows the foster around everywhere. She loves to play fetch & shares nicely with the other dogs. When greeting new dogs she was excited & rush over to meet them, but is learning “easy” & would slow down &/or back off. She is a strong puller on the leash, so needs work on this. She is very smart & learns quickly. She rode quietly in the car.

She is a lovely girl who would be a good dog for most people who can be committed to exercising her excessive weight off, (she needs to loose a few pounds!) training basic leash manners & who will provide enough entertainment balanced with a calm environment so she reduces her anxiety.

Info Written by her foster parents:
Stella has a heart of gold and a lot of love to give. Stella will benefit from a forever family who are active and dedicated to helping her uncover the great dog she is, and get past a few issues. She has a heart of gold and lots of love and cuddles to share, but she needs a great deal of correction on-leash, both with pulling and especially with her excitement when she sees another dog. Correction or distraction is tricky because she is not at all interested in treats, and she is very strong, so rerouting her can be tough. Stella gets very excited when she encounters another dog. She is usually able to and enjoys playing with other dogs once they’ve been introduced, but she also gets carried away sometimes and becomes very vocal and overstimulated. She is an incredibly strong dog so it can be difficult to reign in her excitement. We’ve had some success using a “snout and about” face harness to help guide her away from undesirable situations. Stella is also seriously overweight so will need lots of exercise. She has about 20lbs to lose, which should take care of itself naturally with a good diet and all the walks and hikes that she loves to do. Stella often needs to be encouraged to eat as she doesn’t have much interest in food or treats. She loves going for walks, playing with her toys, and cuddling. She will make an excellent addition to an active family who is willing to put in the work to uncover the diamond in the ruff!

Published by Broken Promises Rescue

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