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Her name is Jetta, she’s 7 years old, medium haired tuxedo cat. She’s  got a very sweet lovely personality, is very social with people, enjoys being groomed, and overall is in excellent health. . she takes Elavil for anxiety/over grooming. She does really well in the meds so needs to stay on them. She needs a home without kids and other animals but she is extremely affectionate and needs someone who wants a living cat!

She’s extremely sweet and social even with people she doesn’t know. She’s always a huge hit with any visitors. She likes to stick close to me, she’ll usually follow me to whichever room I’m in. She’ll almost always get up on the couch with me if I’m watching TV but will kind of keep to herself, she’s not a huge lap cat but does LOVE being picked up and cradled, enjoys being groomed, and loves just being pet and touched in general. 

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