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Ari is a courtesy post. We are assisting his family with finding him a new home. Please fill out our application form if interested or email us if any questions.

Age: 10 years old (approx DOB July 21, 2010)

Breed: domestic short hair

Sex: male Neutered: yes  Declawed: no

Special Requirements: Needs home with no other Animals and No young kids

Ari has been our beloved pet for 10 years and even moved across the country with us. Unfortunately, he has not adjusted well since the birth of our son (who is now 15 months old). He is best suited to a home where there are no young kids. Ari has lots of love to give, however his love is specifically targeted at humans and he needs to be the only pet in the house. It is very important to us that he goes to the right home. 

He has always been an indoor cat, occasionally going outside on a leash, which he loves. When he sees the leash, he eagerly runs to the door and meows in excitement. You’ll get similar excitement meows when you open a can of tuna or have wet cat food for him. Although 10 years old, Ari is still young at heart. He is still very playful, social, and very affectionate. He has always slept on our bed (or just directly on us). He will make an appearance on your zoom calls trying to get extra snuggles. If he thinks that you’ve been out of the house for too long, he will greet you at the door and make it known that he is available for pets. He likes to drink from the tap, which we’ve always tried to prevent by using a water fountain. But he can still occasionally be found in the sink with high hopes that we’ll cave and turn the tap on for him. He takes his bug extermination job seriously and will hunt down spiders and other insects in the house for you.  

Ari is prone to bladder infections and has been on vet food for the past 6-7 years which successfully prevents infections. He has been on Hills Vet c/d line and once this current bag is used up, we plan to switch to Royal Canin senior food at the recommendation of the vet. A recent vet visit has discovered that he is starting to get arthritis in one of his hips. It is in the early days, we tried pain medication, and need to chat with the vet further about this treatment. 

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