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Whitehorse Puppies ! – all Adopted

Update..  we’ve already received over 100 applications in on these puppies and have just started working on going through them we won’t be accepting any more applications at this time.

These 5 puppies came to us October 3rd from Whitehorse they aren’t ready yet but wanted to give you a sneak peak ! Applications are being accepted now and we will be looking over them and be in touch with those short listed. They are currently in foster care so we are learning about them and need to go to the vet this weeks as well.

They all came to us from a rescue in Whitehorse.

The Chocolate brown (1st photo) is Willow – She is about 4 months old and is a Chocolate Lab/Healer X we think. (female) = Willow is so sweet and very affectionate and takes direction well, she is a bit of a jumper so we are working on that. And she likes to take all the toys for herself but doesn’t put up a fight when we step in. She is Very smart and learning to share.

The other 4 were all born July 22nd – they are all Husky/Lab/Corgi Mixes

2nd Photo (white with 1 brown ear – Female) – Juno = Juno is super easy going and sweet and likes cuddles.

3rd Photo (Brown and White with 1 Blue eye/ 1 Brown eye ) Male – Bandit = Bandit is a people pleaser and so far easy to train.. first to pick up sitting.

4th Photo (Under Bandit) Brown and White Male – Tank = Tank well um, is a bit of a Tank .. with short legs ! he is mellow and loves to snuggle !

5th Photo (Black and Brown And White Male) – Dawson = Dawson is sweet and more playful and is a bit of a barker but so happy with people

…………………………… stay tuned for more information on personality and needs and better photos !

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