The German Puppies

we have already received over 90 applications for these puppies so we won’t be accepting any more applications at this time. Our apologies.

There’s five boys and one girl.   Hansel, Gretel, Horst, Dieter, Werner, Weiss. Please be sure to read our adoption process and fees page before applying.

These puppies were born approximately the first week in January. We aren’t sure of the breed but we think Mom is a shepherd mix. Mom is 65 lbs and dad is 85 lbs so they will be a fairly Large size

Werner is adopted… he is a curious pup.  He loves tagging along behind his loved ones and gets along well with his sibling and my full grown dog.  He has learned his place in the pecking order.  He loves exploring the outdoors and will quickly escape if the door is left open a crack!  He has a hearty appetite and is growing fast.  His nickname is Chunky Monkey!  Werner is very good looking with his symmetrical face markings and thick coat. So far, he is very humble and it hasn’t gone to his head!

Gretel Is Adopted!!!!! Gretel is feisty, she’s pretty fearless. We unfortunately recommend her to go to a home without a cat .. she is far too  to focused on the cat in the foster home to almost obsessive.  So we want to be safe.    Should be okay with another dog as long as it is patient. She’s still learning to take ques when another dog has had enough. She really likes kids, but older kids would be best, because she’s kind of pushy.

Hansel is adopted!!! Hansel is going to be a great dog. He is pretty calm with the cat, and my son, a bit less pushy with the dogs, and submissive when the big dogs have had enough. He only gets over excited when Gretel’s excitement rubs off on him. He’s also more people oriented I find. He likes to check in with me. He is a bit shy in new situations, so will need someone who can foster his confidence. He looks like he is going to be a big boy. I have to admit, I’m pretty in love with him. If we had room for a third dog, I’d be asking to keep him for sure.

Horst Is Adopted!!!!! Horst looks like a little husky. He has medium length hair and a curled up tail. He is pretty calm and loves to eat. Horst is happy and playful. He has lived with cats and dogs in his foster home and gets along with them all. He takes signals from them well and will respect the older dogs when they don’t want to deal with pups. He has also learned to keep his distance from the cats as they have some sharp claws. Horst has also met and been handled by small children and enjoyed himself very much. Horst is pretty calm and confident.

Dieter Is Adopted!!!!!

Dieter is a tricolour with a short haired coat. Dieter is a happy go lucky little guy but has a bit of a serious sensitive side which makes him a little less confident than the other pups. He loves to eat but takes his time doing it. Dieter has lived with cats and dogs in his foster home and gets along with them all. He takes signals from them well and will respect the older dogs when they don’t want to deal with pups. He has also learned to keep his distance from the cats as they have some sharp claws.

Weiss is a smart, spunky, energetic and affectionate puppy. He is confident in new situations.  He loves to give kisses right on the lips!  Weiss loves to snuggle and will sleep in your arms.  He plays hard with his siblings and when he is tired, he crashes instantly.  He can sleep anywhere, anytime in the weirdest positions!  Weiss is mostly white coloured with matching “black buttons” on his ears. His ears are cute but they don’t work like they should.  We think he is deaf because he doesn’t respond to our voices or loud noises.  Because he can’t hear himself, his bark is louder than it should be.  The good news is he doesn’t bark too much. Weiss will need a devoted owner who will teach him to use an inside voice, read facial expressions and understand hand signals.

** Weiss might be deaf. But please don’t let that stop you from wanting to adopt this sweetie ! There are alot of ways to keep him safe and also communicate ! There are vibrating collars to get their attention. They are safe and just send a slight vibration to them. Hand signals can teach them to communicate ! We want Weiss to go to a home with another bigger dog that would guide him and help him ..

Years ago we adopted out a deaf and blind puppy .. he has the most amazing life ! Hiking and swimming .. here is a video clip about him and his new family ! Click here to see “Merlin aka Leo’s Video”

Photo of mom and dad below

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