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Tiger – FIV positive

This sweet boy came to us after being attached by something. He had injuries all over his legs but thankfully he is on the mend and healing great ! Hopefully after his next vet apt he will get a clean bill of health and ready for his forever home ! He is pretty sweet, and the foster mom says “the best cat she has fostered” and she has had some lovelies ! He was born approx June 2019.

Tiger just went back to the vet for a recheck and everything is healing nicely. She can’t see anything out of the ordinary, although he still limps on one of his legs and seems a bit tender. We are going to give him some glucosamine and hopefully in time he will heal more. We also unfortunately did however find out that he is FIV positive. FIV is like aids in humans. FIV cats can live a long and normal life so please don’t let this scare you. You just have to keep him healthy and don’t let him get sick as he has a low immune system.

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