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Charlie(2) – Courtesy post

Charlies is appoximately 7 years old,  medium hair, large, neutered male cat

Charlie is a highly affectionate cat with lots of love to give. He is socially very well adjusted and bonds with humans easily That said he is an “”alpha” cat and loves a pat but doesn’t like being picked up or restrained.  A limited amount of grooming is fine. He never tries to scratch anyone that we know of.   We know he would like a inside / outside home as he asks to go back out after a brief visit but would probably settle in well in another home where he had the choice to go out when he wanted. But since it has been cold he rarely wants to leave the house.

Charlie has been observed with a mouse catch and we expect he is a proficient hunter but he still desires to have a caring human family to go home to.  We are assisting with his adoption so if you are interested please fill out an application form

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