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Vegas & Taurus – Bonded Pair –

Hi wonderful humans!
I’m Vegas, but you can also call me sweetheart, puss-puss, puddin’, Vegy-Wegy-BoBegy, Vegy-kins or any other lovey-dovey name you like. My mom had me somewhere around August of 2009. She always wanted a boy. And this is my best friend Taurus, otherwise known as The Cuddle Monster. He was born somewhere around October of 2018. All the cool stuff he knows, he learned from me. Quite simply, we love each other, and we want to spend the rest of our lives together. But we need a good home. And we need a wonderful human. We miss having a human in our lives to love and cuddle like crazy. We love to keep humans company. We love to make them happy when they’re sad. And we love being there for them when they need someone to talk to.

Oh, by the way, Taurus had a urinary tract infection once but it is all good now ! He doesn’t talk about it much though, because as long as he gets his special urinary food, he feels great. There’s dry stuff and wet stuff. It’s pretty tasty food. I eat it too. The vet thought it was from stress as at that time we were in a foster home with a lot of cats and that was a bit much for him. He is also on a calming ear cream that really helps him so he is hoping he can stay on that at least for a while and maybe down the road be taken off once settled. It is really easy to give him it just rubs in his inner ear!

I wonder…are you our human?
If you’re looking for a couple of love-monkeys (humans are so funny), call us, okay? PS .. we are also good with “cat” friendly dogs !

Love and nose kisses,
Vegas & Taurus xo

PS .. Taurus says if you are a golf fan I am your boy ! I will help you keep track of the ball while watching it on TV !

Watch me below !

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