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Weiss – Special Needs

Weiss (White Puppy) is the last puppy to be adopted out of his litter but we are holding out for the perfect home for him ! He is adorable, sweet and loving but he is deaf. Please don’t let that scare you! He is like a regular puppy and he doesn’t know any difference but he will require a bit of different training and care.

Deaf dogs can do anything a regular dog can do other than hear. He is also a shepherd mix, so would do best in a home with someone who has had dogs before. He is smart and food motivated but will need training in hand signals, taps on the head and touch and a gentle “vibration” collar can do wonders for getting his attention when you need. Or a quick stomp on the floor. Also if you have another super loving mothering type of dog they can guide him and teach him the ropes. Now he can be loud when he barks as right now he is learning and doesn’t know that he is loud. We are starting to work with him as well as teach him hand signals.

He was born early January. Here are a few videos and websites to guide you if you are thinking of applying for Weiss. Please also go to our adoption process and fee’s page and sorry we only adopt locally.

Years ago we adopted out a deaf and blind puppy .. he has the most amazing life ! Hiking and swimming .. here is a video clip about him and his new family ! Click here to see “Merlin aka Leo’s Video”

This rescue also has alot of awesome resources for training and getting a deaf dog !

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