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Milo – Courtesy Post

Unfortunatly due to personal issues he needs a new home and we are assisting with this. If interested please fill out one of our application forms !

Here is what his owner says about him:

This sweet boy is approx. seven years old,

No behavioral issues.  He has all his shots , very kind and loving demeanor for most  creatures . 

Except squirrels , he’s got a large prey drive for squirrels that’s the only thing I’ve ever seen him try to Chace .

He gets dominated by felines and has puffed his chest out to the odd dog if they lunge .

His back hips get tender if I run him to hard or after a day of swimming , which he recovers from quickly after a day of cuddles on the couch and cuddling with his stuffed animals .

He is sensitive to wheat and grains, he goes pink and gets rashes.  So I feed him salmon based dog food which clears it up quickly . 

His treats are dried sweet potatoes or dried fish skins  , as I have found that anything that has dyes grains bothers his skin and stomach .

He also gets the odd ear infection which has cleared up with a small mixture of apple cider vinegar and water . 

He is not a dog that prides himself on a variety of tricks , can’t shake a paw due to the weight distribution on his back hips which also effects his stability on hard wood floors , so runners and carpets are very beneficial.

He loves to sleep and cuddle , spends alot of time with his head on my lap meditating.

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