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Bumble and Bea

These Sweet beauties were found in a park all on their own at about 3 weeks of age. They were bottle fed babies so they love people!! They are sweet, playful purrrr machines. They would Love a home together… They are born approximately Mid May. and are 2 boys !!

Updated from Foster home:.

Hi there, we are Bumble and Bee. We are brothers about 3 months old who would love to meet you! 
We like to play hide-and-seek in boxes and rough-house with each other, or snuggle up together on a chair in a little black ball. 
Bumble has a beautiful shiny black coat with amber eyes. He likes to follow you around the house before lying next to you on the couch.
Bee has interesting smokey grey stripes with yellow-green eyes. He likes to carry his mouse toy in his mouth until finally curling up in your lap for a snooze. 
Both of us love a good cuddle and we purr as soon as we see you!
We would love to both go home with you, but we don’t have to. While we would miss each other if we were separated, we get along with other high energy cats, or are happy if only one of us was your whole world. As a bonus, our black fur compliments any decor!

Photos when they were younger below

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