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Pac Man Ghost Litter

These cuties were born May 17th. They won’t be ready until the end of July/Early August – Please be sure to go to our adoption process and fee’s page !

Plinky – ADOPTED!

Male Grey medium hair, very loving, likes to be where the action is. Is right at the door and wants pets as soon as I go in the room.


Male, a sweet fluff ball that likes cuddles, and has a tendency to be right around my feet very loving friendly guy, he tends to be the most vocal.

Blinky, female Tabby and white, she is the smallest of the bunch and loves to watch everything that goes on, she loves cuddles and has the cutest curly tail.


female (I think…), she is a super fluff ball as well, her fur is really soft. She is the shyest of the bunch in that she will hold back for a minute to see what is going on before she jumps in wanting cuddles and belly rubs.

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