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Ruby –

Ruby is a 13 year old, spayed female, domestic shorthair (though her vet says she likely has some Siamese traits in her also). Over the past 5 years or so, she has become more and more anxious and stressed out about living with a family and/or other pets. She is hiding more, pacing and skittish when hearing loud noises, or too many people in the home, etc.  She needs a calm and quiet home with maybe one single person or a quiet couple.

Medical things to be aware of: 

Ruby has a habit of overgrooming the hair on her back legs and inside of thighs, which calms and relaxes her – which unfortunately makes her look like she’s a bit bald back there! Luckily she does not chew or harm herself by doing this, and it is not due to irritation from fleas or eczema. The other thing that developed in the past year is that she has become allergic/sensitive to commercial cat foods and treats, so she needs to be on a Limited Ingredient diet (we buy the food at Bosley’s). She can be rather fussy and does not like anything fishy so that limits it even more! She is missing one back tooth but it has not caused her any grief with eating, and she is typically very excited for mealtimes (sometimes rather vocal!). Due to her overgrooming (hairballs) and excitement for food, she can sometimes eat too fast and vomit, so that should be monitored. She sometimes has a habit of missing the litterbox (or dribbling as she gets out) if the room the box is in is not quiet enough or is startled during elimination. Other than the above issues, her vet says she is quite healthy for an old gal.  Pee pads or news paper under the box can help with this !

She does like to lay down next to you, or on your lap if your legs are stretched out. She needs a quiet home with only one or two people who are home often, and absolutely no other pets or children. She does not like loud or sudden noises, and she can be quite skittish or jumpy. She enjoys a comfy cat bed or two, as she loves to snooze – especially if it’s in a sunny spot! She will sometimes explore a cat tree as well, and when she’s happy she loves to play with bouncy foam balls.

to apply to adopt ruby please fill out our adoption application form ! We are helping find the perfect home for her

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