Our dog Jackson, jax for short is a happy go lucky, energetic and spirited dog. He is as sweet as he is smart!
He is a 65 lbs mix of pure bred red Rhodesian ridgeback German shepherd. He is turning 7 this October. We have had him since he was was 8 weeks old. He is very smart and definitely knows which one of our friends or family he can take advantage of to jump up on and give kisses to. When Jax was 2 he was even a part of our wedding ceremony as the ring “bear”. We have been married almost 4 years now and have a two year old daughter with another on the way. It pains us to say that with all of life’s needs, Jax doesn’t get the attention that he needs and deserves. Over the years his reactiveness/anxiety has been slowly growing. And with our growing family we can tell he feels the stress of a busy household.
With structure, exercise and daily routine, all his quirks can be easily managed and enjoyed.
Jax is house trained and loves helping clean up crumbs in the kitchen.
He has manners but needs reminding. He sleeps on his own bed and loves having his own spot to enjoy on the couch!

We know this is the best for him and with sad but caring hearts we are looking for his forever home.

Ideal situation for Jackson: a caring active outdoorsy person, Someone without young kids at home and works from home or retired.
And ideally doesn’t own any other pets.

This is a courtesy post. Please fill out an application form as we are helping the family

Published by Broken Promises Rescue

Broken Promises Rescue is a volunteer run, not-for-profit, animal rescue organization located in the lower Vancouver Island. We are a group of long time rescuers that have come together to focus on improving the lives of unwanted, neglected and orphaned animals on Vancouver Island (as well as remote communities and other areas of B.C. if our resources allow us to.) Currently we are seeing many pets overlooked in the shelter system because they have less than desirable qualities. They may have medical or behavioral issues or they may simply be the wrong color, age or breed. At Broken Promise Rescue we believe all animals deserve to experience a life without pain, loneliness or hunger and want them to know what it feels like to be loved and cherished, despite appearance, age or medical condition. We are also dedicated to public education and raising awareness to help end the ongoing abuse, neglect and suffering. Educating children and adults about the responsibilities of animal ownership will go a long way in influencing public opinion on proper animal care, and help mold a more compassionate future. No animal should suffer at the hands of ignorance.

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