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Tayo and Bo

These 2 Cuties have just come in. There approximately 8 or 9 weeks old. They are Shepherd mix special blends!!

The lighter ones Tayo

the dark one Bo. – Bo is adopted!!!!!

Tayo is an energetic, 4 month old puppy. With the possibility of his breeds being yellow lab and german shepherd, this young man is likely to grow up to be a BIG BOY (approximately 60-80lbs). He loves to play tug, climb on rocks and jungle gyms, and plays well with other dogs. Because he is a fairly pushy puppy though, he currently does best playing with larger dogs. Tayo is not fully house-trained (as he has just recovered from a UTI), but he is crate trained (minus the occasional puppy tantrum when he knows it’s mealtime or needs to go to the washroom). Like a typical puppy, if something is left out, it will surely find it’s way into Tayo’s mouth. For his own safety, continuing to crate train will be an important practice in his life, especially when unsupervised.

Tayo is also quite hand shy with new people. With his foster, he is learning how to tolerate the presence of new people while being rewarded when he pays attention to his handler. He has become quite familiar with clicker/marker (Yes/Good/Nope) training, and is absolutely gung-ho for his food/treats. When he does get the opportunity to feel safe with a new person though, he becomes an absolute love bug.

Tayo will be best suited with an ACTIVE family/individual that is familiar with the common breed traits of an eager Labrador and a nervous Shepherd. Additionally, clicker/marker training, with confidence building, will be greatly beneficial to helping this goofy, lovable boy blossom into a great companion for adventures or sports – possibly a dock diving dog, in the future!

Options for trainers can be provided to help with proper guidance.

It is important he goes to a home with someone who will continue with building his confidence. He will be an excellent dog as long as he goes to a home with someone who has had Shephards before and able to work with him.

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