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Jole and Raphael

Born February 25 2021 – These 2 sweet boys would LOVE a home together .. they are super bonded as you can see in the photo’s ..

He is such a boy he love to explore and sometimes gets in trouble. He is such a funny little guys. He know is name and come running when you call him. He also know the command Let Go as soon as he hear this he Go’s running to his room cause he know it time to eat or time for bed. His down time is his cuddle times he will lie on your lap and fall asleep. He loves getting kisses.

He such a lady back little guy. He love being around with his humans and he love dogs once he get to know them. He also knows the command Let’s Go and Go’s running to his room. He will follow you around like a dog and if he finds anything that fits in his mouth he will take it and fine somewhere to put it. He a sweet boy who also love being kiss under his neck.

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