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More Kittens …

Midnight – Adopted

He is a very sweet boy. All black except for a small patch of white on his throat. He is approximately 6 months old and is a pretty big boy. He is in foster care with 7 other cats, 3 dogs and a rabbit and he gets along with them all.

Onyx (aka Hopper) is a Manx boy. He is sweet and affectionate. He is currently fostered with 3 dogs and 7 cats and a rabbit and gets along with them all. Onyx has been x-rayed and has a slightly abnormal pelvis but has no incontinence issues. He is about 7-8 months old now. and would LOVE a home with another young playful cat !

Waylan – ADOPTED!!
he was found as a tiny kitten with 2 of his siblings on the side of the road. He is the only survivor. He had a very bad case of ringworm but has fully recovered and is very healthy. Waylan is a bit of a wild child and is into everything. He has a rough and tumble play style. He can easily overwhelm a more reserved kitty but he is currently fostered with 7 other cats who have learned to deal with his wild side. He and Nesuko have a special bond. He is also good with the 3 dogs in his foster home.

Nesuko – ADOPTED!!
She is a petite girl about 6 months old. She is an extremely curious girl and will get into anything that interests her. She is very playful and she is currently in foster with 7 other cats, 3 dogs and a rabbit and gets along with them all. She would love a home with one of the cats in foster care with her or another playful animal

Ebony and Licorice ==both adopted!!!

These 2 girls are like 2 peas in a pod. They look virtually identical and there are only a couple of subtle differences. Ebony is quite a chatterbox especially in the kitchen. Both girls seek out attention but are not crazy about being picked up. They are both very social and get along with the dogs, cats and rabbit in their foster home. They would love a home together or with one of their brothers

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