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Here is Lucky. The goodest of girls and one of the best cuddlers you will find. She is approximately 7 years old and spayed and has had all shots (except for this year’s) but has had a few litters of puppies so naturally she likes to keep the fun to a minimum (high energy dogs aren’t her thing). She would thrive being the only Queen in the castle as she loves to hog all the attention, and absolutely loves children and any scratches she can get. Her recall and obedience is fabulous so off-leash walks are super fun but if you throw a ball for her you will absolutely have to go get it yourself. Being a terrier mix she does have a prey drive so kitties are a no-go but she is an amazing mouser and will do her best to make sure a house is rodent free! She is about 25 lbs

Lucky is a courtesy post we are assisting with placing her in a new home. Fill out an application form on our site here if interested ! We also recommend bringing a dog trainer with you when meeting her !

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