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A little bit about Lola:  9 Months old

General disposition: Lola is a sweet little cat, independent and very energetic, with a little bobtail. She loves playing with just about anything she can get her paws on, and has a very agreeable and inquisitive nature.  

Relationship with other animals: She seems to like other animals but may not be suitable for a home with an elderly or more submissive cat, as she tends to be a bit rambunctious.  

Relationship with children: Lola lived with a 3-year old and the two got along really well. She still has not learned 100% how not to bite and scratch when playing, but she is great with kids and not aggressive by nature.  

Health and habits: Lola has no medical conditions, and is spayed and vaccinated. She uses the litter box really well and has always been an indoor cat. She does have a bad habit of chewing on wood, but you can simply put cat deterrents on any furniture with exposed wood legs (which is what she tends to go after).  

This is a courtesy post we are assisting with rehoming her so please fill out and application form if interested in her !

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