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Milo . A  7 year old American bulldog . MILO  is good with small dogs , medium dogs , big dogs .  He has little prey drive  besides “squirrels”  He is fond of both adults and children .

Milo- Is snipped chipped and clipped ,  He is very calm and therapeutic when inside he tends to find the coziest place he can to revert to his most puppies self . 

He has an allergy to grains and will break into pink rashes if too much grains or corn has been consumed . He finds peace anywhere there is a blanket down , a bed to lay on or a couch for sitting . He does how ever love to play tug a war , fetch and chase other dogs and be chased . He enjoys swimming , due to his heavy front end though he should only be sent out ten feet from the shore at max . Although this young man is built to be a brawler he has the energy and kindness of of a Tibetan monk .  He can guard when he needs to but he really rather keep The peace . He would be a beautiful addition to someone Who just needs a companion or wants a dog without all the hours of training or a pack member for someone who already has dogs . He is equally comfortable being still as he is at playing .  Not a great running partner though as walks for him are meant for getting to know his canine peers.

This is a courtesy post if interested please fill out an application form as we are assisting helping him get a new home

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