Faela – Courtesy Post

Hello, I am looking for a new home for my dog, Faela (Fay-la). She is a wonderful pet and I am very sad to let her go, but my partner and I just moved into a tiny house (292 ft2) and it is proving to be a bit too challenging for our 2 year old pup.

Faela is a malamute pitbull mix who is extremely loving and loyal to those she trusts. She is cautious when meeting new people, but once she recognizes a friend she is as sweet as can be. She is full of happy energy and makes us laugh every day with her silly antics. At the beginning and end of each day, when she settles down, she becomes the biggest cuddle monster and will lay down and chew her toy on my legs for hours. She is highly trainable and picks up new commands and tricks extremely quickly. Her high intelligence means that she does best when she is frequently stimulated. She is a quiet dog too!

So what’s the issue? Well, Faela requires a lot of room to roam and burn off energy, and our tiny house does not have a fenced in yard. This has resulted in Faela being quite high strung and anxious around the house. She has become more territorial and protective in this new environment which has made it difficult to have new friends over or even just people making deliveries. She is very protective of her people and her space. I hike off leash with her up Cobble Hill around 3 times a week and I have never had any serious issues. However, my partner is less assertive and confident with the dog than I am, which makes Faela overly protective of her. For this reason, my partner struggles to walk our dog alone because Faela is on edge trying to protect her from everybody. If you’re interested in adopting Faela, I would make sure you feel comfortable being dominant and firm with her. She responds really well to clear and firm boundaries and this will make her feel relaxed when out and about. Lastly, Faela has shown to be reactive to small animals and small people that move quickly towards her. For this reason, I would encourage Faela’s new owner to be mindful around children that Faela is not used to as she may react to their energy and unpredictable movements.

We have all her vet records if needed and would love to give you a chance to meet Faela to see if you click! I am asking for $100 to ensure Faela goes to a home where she can be supported and to weed out people who are not serious about adopting our lovely dog.

This is just a courtesy post we do not know the dog or have any other information but are just assisting with finding a new home. If you’re interested please fill out an application form and we will forward it to the family.

Published by Broken Promises Rescue

Broken Promises Rescue is a volunteer run, not-for-profit, animal rescue organization located in the lower Vancouver Island. We are a group of long time rescuers that have come together to focus on improving the lives of unwanted, neglected and orphaned animals on Vancouver Island (as well as remote communities and other areas of B.C. if our resources allow us to.) Currently we are seeing many pets overlooked in the shelter system because they have less than desirable qualities. They may have medical or behavioral issues or they may simply be the wrong color, age or breed. At Broken Promise Rescue we believe all animals deserve to experience a life without pain, loneliness or hunger and want them to know what it feels like to be loved and cherished, despite appearance, age or medical condition. We are also dedicated to public education and raising awareness to help end the ongoing abuse, neglect and suffering. Educating children and adults about the responsibilities of animal ownership will go a long way in influencing public opinion on proper animal care, and help mold a more compassionate future. No animal should suffer at the hands of ignorance.

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