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Babou – Courtesy Post

We call him Babou (he came with the name Boo-boo). He is a male Bengal, approximately 7 or 8 years old and we are told he was neutered and given his shots as a kitten. He has been with us since June 2022. Unfortunately, it was not mentioned that he is unable to be around other cats and he has had an impossible time accepting our existing little cat, which has led to a lowered quality of life for both of them.

He will make a great companion for a person without other pets who can work with him to get his needs met. He is very willing to work on his end too. He’s so full of love and he’s really warmed up to us very quickly. He’s a wonderful lap cat, talkative, curious and loving. He’ll even let you rub his orange tiger belly! He is quite good on a lead with a harness and has done well in our 3-acre property with it on, both on walks and on a fixed lead-line with supervision. He is a bit unsure of the outdoors though, and is not street smart. He has been an indoor cat the majority of his life. He LOVES being outdoors and it would ideally be an option for him in some way in his future home.

He is a truly lovely and charming character! He is also a Bengal and comes with all of the typical traits- needing playtime, space, entertainment, company, attention and a willingness to adapt one’s home to his needs. Also, a bit of an expectation that he will use his claws and may cause bleeding, or damage property, and he certainly will eat plants!

If interested in him please fill out an application form on our website as we are assisting with his placement. Please be sure to research the breed before applying

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