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this sweet girl is about 7 years old. She is very scared so we are just learning about her. here is what the foster home has written about her:

Rio would prefer a quieter home as too much excitement and noise scares her, she would really like to be an only dog as she loves her people much more than being around other dogs. She is a complete cuddle bug and after a few days for her to trust you, she will follow you from room to room to be with you. She is ok with a confident cat, but will chase and growl if the cat runs. She would also love to sleep in bed with her human at night, and will burrow under a blanket to the foot of the bed. Being a chi she is an excellent door bell and she is about 90% housetrained and will use pee pads inside. She does have separation anxiety for the first couple of weeks, but settles down after she is convinced you’re coming back. Rio loves car rides and is quiet in a crate but really enjoys travelling secured with a seatbelt as she can see more.

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