Update #2 on Mandy:

She is lovely and super sweet and loves attention !   She is a bit of a typical small dog though and gets over stimulated and a bit of a barky freak when she meets new people and new dogs.    When people come to the home you do have to have them not try and pet her right away and hold their arms up ..  sort of strange but she will nip at hands if they are hanging down ..  she barks a lot for a few minutes .. then she will stop ..  if people leave her for a minute or two she calms down and then you can give treats and pet her ..

When walking it can be a bit more of a challenge.  If no one is around she is great .. but because she gets so excited with people and dogs she will bark and freak out ..  we have tried but so far can’t get this better so she will probably always be like this .. we try and just block her .. cross the street or pick her up ..  so sadly it isn’t exactly “fun” walking her .. she loves it but does get barky and freak out if she see’s anyone else .. 

She can be barky if she see’s anything outside ..  she can’t hear anything so that is good but if she can see out a window or anything she will bark if people walk by . 

She is deaf .. and she will run if she is give the chance and you would never get her back especially since you can’t call her so it is imperative who ever gets her is diligent with always on leash and pick her up if opening a door when people come over etc ..

She also has a bit of a weird walk .. her back end curves and she sort of walks on a angle .. like a crab .. hard to explain it .. doesn’t slow her down and we did xrays and the vet said probably a injury from birth or when young but healed now and won’t cause any issues and nothing can be done

I know you haven’t had a dog before so wanted to go over everything .. I wouldn’t say she is a “easy” dog she is a bit more of a challenge so need to be sure who ever get that they are ok with her quirks

Let me know your thoughts !

Update: She has now been spayed and had a dental and ready to go ! She has also started to play with her foster brother !!

This girl just came into care she’s about 7 or 8 years old.

Mandy is the sweetest pup who LOVES her person! If you are looking for a cuddle bug, look no further! She has integrated well into our home for the past 5 weeks, getting along well with our wee Chihuahua. She is not super playful with other dogs (at least not yet) but is instead indifferent to them. She is happiest cuddled up beside you on the couch while watching tv or sitting on your lap at the computer.
Although she is hearing impaired and not able to hear most sounds except vibrations, this does not hold her back in any way. She understands hand signals quite well and “listens” when asked to do something via hand signal. She loves to go for walks and sniffs everything, but she can be reactive to seeing people, bikes and other dogs. Some training in this area may be helpful. Usually a light pull on the leash is all that is required to redirect her. She can definitely never be let off leash in an open area since she has no recall, but a fenced yard or other safe spot where she can’t get too far is great. She loves sniffing and exploring in our backyard.
She is content to sleep in her crate at night in our bedroom but would also love to sleep in the bed with you if you let her! She sleeps well throughout the night and is excited to see you every morning. She is completely house trained as long as you let her out consistently for bathroom breaks. She loves to be brushed and is fine with getting her paws wiped when she comes in from outside. She is non-shedding and will require to be groomed.
If you are looking for a sweet fluffball who loves belly rubs, Mandy may just be the girl for you!

She has just been spayed, and had a dental and we took X-rays of her back end as it’s a bit crooked, but x-rays show it’s a bit out of line but does not bother her or require surgery.

Nervous about adopting a deaf dog ?? Please watch this video about Merlin a deaf and blind puppy we adopted out and the amazing life he has ! Click here to watch

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