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We are located in Victoria British Columbia. We are staffed entirely by volunteers and have no shelter or other facility. Our wonderful foster families care for all adoptable pets. If you are interested in adopting a pet, please read about our Adoption Process & Fees below for more information below.
Covid Protocol:     With Covid we still are doing home visits but we are double vaccinated, will wear a mask, will disinfect hands prior to entering.  We would like to do one quick look inside to see where the animal will be living and then if preferred we can go and chat outside after that!    We just find going to the home where the animal will live and chat in person is very important in finding the best fit for every animal and every person !
Read more about Adoption the Right animal for you during Covid ! Your Guide to Welcoming a New Pet Into Your Home During the Pandemic (002)

*** Please be conscious of the “age” of the animal you are adopting (cats can live approx. 15 – 20 ! ) Our hope is to home our animals for their entire “Life” in the home where we adopt them to.

Cat Application Form Click here

Dog Application Form Click Here

Small Animal Application Form Click Here

When the application is approved, we will arrange a mandatory home visit. This home visit has to be done physically (unfortunately we don’t do virtual home visits or by Skype) This allows us to meet you and your family to discuss possible special needs and the best methods of introducing the new pet into your home. This is the best way we can ensure that not only we find the best suited animal for you but as well the best home for the animals in our care.

Please note as well, since we are located in Victoria British Columbia. And home visits are mandatory for all adoptions. We only adopt locally in the Victoria area on Vancouver Island. Depending on where you live and how far away, we can sometimes make exceptions further up the island if we have a volunteer or are able to get up that way to do the home visit. This would be Case by case depending on if we’re able to do this.

After the home visit we arrange for you to visit the fostering family to meet your potential new family member. If the pet seems right for you, you can take him or her home with you the same day!

We realize that some folks might find the application process a bit intimidating. We hope you understand that, because these animals have had a rough start to life and because we want our adopting families to be happy, we must try our best to find the ideal home for the pet and the ideal pet for the home. We are not here to “sell” pets–we are here to promote their well being and to find them homes for life. We appreciate your cooperation and hope you find this process worthwhile, taking pride in the knowledge you are helping to rescue an animal in need.”


PST is British Columbia’s Provincial Sales Tax (7%). We are required to charge it on all adoption fees.

SENIOR CATS $200 + PST (10 plus years) Includes spaying or neutering by one of our vets, FVRCP vaccinations (feline viral rhinotracheitis, calcivirus, panleukopenia), parasite control, microchip

ADULT CATS (1 year and Over): $300 + PST = $321 Includes spaying or neutering by one of our vets, FVRCP vaccinations (feline viral rhinotracheitis, calcivirus, panleukopenia), parasite control, microchip

KITTENS: $400 + PST (up to one year of age) = $428 (or 2 kittens for $700 + PST)  Includes spaying or neutering by one of our vets, parasite control, microchip, first FVRCP vaccinations (feline viral rhinotracheitis, calcivirus, panleukopenia)== (booster to be arranged and paid for by adopters one month after first vaccination) unless with us at that time then it is done by us.

** Kitten Adoption Policy: Unfortunately due to how fragile kittens are we don’t adopt kittens under the age of 10 months to homes with kids under 10. We will adopt out older and larger kittens 10 months and older as they aren’t as fragile. (sorry this policy is in place due to the loss of 3 kittens in the past — this is no reflection on any child, the babies are just too fragile and kids run and play like normal kids do and sometimes don’t realize how fragile they are)

SENIOR DOGS $200 + PST (10 plus years)

ADULT DOGS (over 1 Year): $500 + PST = $535 Includes check-up and spaying or neutering by one of our vets, Da2pp, Bordetella, Leptospirosis and rabies vaccine, microchip, parasite control and any other medical procedures require by our veterinarian.

PUPPIES $600+ PST (up to one year of age) = $642 Includes check-up and spaying or neutering by one of our vets, vaccine as stated above, Rabies vaccine for puppies over 16 weeks only, parasite control, microchip and any other procedures required by our veterinarian.

BUNNIES: $75 will include spay and neutering…or a pair for $100 + PST

Birds $25+ pst

Gerbils, Rats, Mice, Hamsters: $20 each + PST

Guinea Pigs $25 + PST or $40 for a pair

*Please note a picture of the cage the small animal will be using will be required at the time of adoption.

*****Please note that our adoption fee’s are a donation and this goes back to help other animals coming into care…

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