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Broken Promises Rescue has no shelter or facility so we rely solely on foster homes. Please consider offering your home to these animals until they find their forever families.

Do you love animals? Do you have room in your home and heart to help a cat or dog or small animal without a family? Do you have patience and dedication? Then please consider fostering!

Foster homes are an integral part of rescue. We can’t help animals without the love and care of people like you!

Being a foster parent is so rewarding. You get to watch these animals learn to trust and with your patience and kindness you can get them ready for their forever homes.

Your commitment to fostering can literally mean the difference between life and death. Few animals thrive in shelters, and when space becomes tight the “less adoptable” ones are often euthanized. The mandate of Broken Promises Rescue is to rehabilitate such animals to give them the best chance of finding their permanent loving homes.

Foster homes are provided with all supplies if needed. Many of our foster homes have these items and choose to supply the food as their donation to help, but it isn’t necessary We also offer support with trainers, group foster chats and guidance. All medical expenses are covered by BPR.

Benefits of Fostering

Fostering saves two lives. Removing one animal from the shelter system frees up a space for another needy pet.

You experience the fun and love of a new animal without the lifetime commitment or financial burden.

You provide welcomed feedback. We need you to give us updates, photos and information on the animals personality, needs and what type of a home would be best. We don’t get to spend much, if any time with these animals so it’s crucial that you as the foster home provide us with the information and needs of these animals once settled into the foster home.

Broken Promises Rescue provides full support for foster families: check-ins, advice, and the support of the whole community.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I become a foster parent?

Complete our online Foster Application form. We will contact you and arrange a home check and an opportunity to answer any questions you may have at that time. If all goes well, we will contact you when a animal matching your specifications enters our program.

Am I going to be matched with a “troubled” animal?

The application process lets us understand the experience and limitations of the foster family. The family will not be stretched beyond its abilities. When we have an animal we think might be a good fit for you we will chat first and tell you all we know about each animal. Of course we don’t always know much but we do our best to be sure you are comfortable with all the needs of the animal before you agree to foster.

How long can I expect to have the animal?

Fostering can be as short as just a few weeks or as long as it takes to get adopted (sometimes months). New fosters with no or little experience we try to start with an easy one. For cats and kittens they require a spare room as household cats are not usually excited to have strange cats invade their home and the fosters will need some quiet time to settle in. Puppies require someone to be able to give them potty breaks every few hours as they are unable to hold their bladders for long periods of time.

What is expected of me?

We want your fostered pet to be integrated into your home. We need you to love and care for each animal and we’ll be there to guide you along the way.   We need you to always follow our guidelines because we are experienced in rescue and want to always ensure the safest and easiest transition is in place for each animal.

We need you to provide ongoing updates and photos of the animals so we can ensure we find the best possible home for everyone.

Isn’t it hard to say good-bye?

Yes, of course! Many foster families shed a tear when their beloved foster pet walks out the door for the last time, but you will know the joy of having nurtured and prepared the animal for its happy new home. And there are other animals waiting for your love. We always tell foster families to try and look at the bigger picture. Yes, you will love this animal but their are hundreds more coming. And you will probably love some of those also. You can help one if you adopt but you can help dozens if you have a big enough heart to let them go.

Please open your heart and home and help an animal in need. There is simply nothing more rewarding!

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