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Chek News July 13 2023 – Broken Promises Over run and out of money! To Watch click on the photo. You can fast forward to the time of 20.33 to get to our story!

Chek News July 14 2023 – All Rescues over run with Animals needing help!

Click on the photo to watch

Victorians are surrendering their animals to find a place to live

Without mandated pet-friendly rentals, rescue organizations are “overrun” with abandoned cats and dogs Capital Daily News Article click here to read!

Pet Chek May 7 2023 – Mandy the Deaf 8 year old Cutie !

Watch Here

Vital People Segment – Story of Pamela Saddler the founder of BPR and why I do what I do!

Watch here !

Linden and myself and talking about the new Store on Pet Chek! Watch here

Check out our video’s and media stories which showcase who we are, what we do and who we help !

Click here to Watch our Video on Merlin aka Leo our Deaf and Blind Puppy and his amazing life !

Click Here to watch our Video on Adopting for Life


Click Here To Watch Linden!

Click Here to Watch Bobbie’s Litter!

Click here to watch Victory & Weiss (Deaf Puppy)!

3 week old babies !! Pickle’s litter ! Click here to watch
Click here to Watch Walter, Fancy, Salt & Pepper !


Paul & Cinder off on a 34 Day Journey by Bike to fundraiser for BPR !!
Click here to watch !
Paul and Cinder Interview after their amazing Life changing Journey ! Click here to watch!
Paul & Cinder Biked from Victoria to Tuktoyaktuk and Raised over $23,000 for us !!
Click here to watch his amazing Journey


Walter came to us after being found on the streets all by himself. Once we got him we realized he was deaf and had a broken jaw. We had to feed him by feeding tube for 3 months so his jaw could heal. He had no teeth so we couldn’t wire his jaw. But he did amazing and ended up living with me (Pamela) for 2 years ! He was the love of my life. Here are a few cute video’s of him !

Walter on Feeding Tube but after a few months we were able to start introducing Food for him to eat !

Walter doing a bit of a run around

Walter when he got in his playful zoomies

Walter when he demanded for his supper !

Walter eating ice-cream .. turn up sound !!

Scoutie came to us so sick we weren’t sure if she would make it ! But she did !
Watch her videos here ! and Another here and one more after she had a Lime Sulfur Dip because she also had ring worm
Puppies !!!!
Bumble and Bea 2 sick kittens .. Bumble determined to escape ! — turn up the volume !
Mabel a sick old girl who we had to put on a feeding tube was feeling better !
Poppy and Lili – 2 beautiful CH kittens – Both got better with walking and found an amazing home together ! Poppy and Lilli playing !

Lilli walking and Poppy Walking

Kittens playing with the toys given for Christmas
Tootsie a Blind kitten — As you can see she gets around like any other cat !
Crash another CH kitten who was learning to walk and navigate the world
Buddy showing love and sweetness !
Harold a old boy came to us with Diabetes and probably walking (Video starts sideways but keep watching it get fixed !)
Bubbles came to us without a mother and very sick !
Click here to see him playing once feeling better
Mickey another CH cat but even with his “Wobbles” gets around just fine !
Amber doing her “Dance” at the window !

Beans came to us paralyzed and couldn’t use her back legs so we got her Wheels !!
We took in a Pot Belly Pig who had Babies !!!
Wibbly is a CH Kitten but learning to navigate the world inspite of the wobbling !

More info about CH

Zita came to us paralyzed ! Got her some wheels and she has an amazing life now !
Zita came to us after being hit by a car! Here is walking after her big surgery to save her life !

Here she is again !!

Asia came to us pregnant and super sick we thought we might lose her and the babies ! Check her out being a good momma and out of Danger !
Bentley in his “Poo Bear” Pajamas
 Ichabod and Edward Sneezy Pants – Kittens so sick when we got them they almost didn’t survive. They both lost an eye due to infection but as you can see they love life !

Another Video after healing !

Heidi was so shuck down when we first got her ! here she is after she settled in and felt safe !
Marty was found after being thrown out of a vehicle ! Here is is walking again !
Perk to owning a Deaf Cat ! Loves the Vacuum !
Foxy Learning Clicker Training
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