Duke – adopted


Duke came from Whitehorse and hoping for a great life on the island.. he’s about 2-3 years old.

Duke absolutely needs a home with another dog..He’s been with  dogs his whole life and really needs another dog to help him feel confident and he seems to really get depressed when it doesn’t have another dog around

We think he’s a cattle dog/Shepherd mix .. he is a bit of a shy boy who needs a quiet gentle home…   He is very gentle and sweet and gets along with everyone…. probably best with no young kids or cats

He is super shy and timid so needs lots of patience and understanding .. seems a bit more afraid of men and loud noises ..

More info from his foster:

Duke is a big, 60 lbs, sweet 2 yo boy who loves people & dog attention.  He loves head scratches and belly rubs, & likes a good massage in the bath followed by a pedicure.  He is not a fan of the blow dryer, but does like a good brushing afterward.  He has a thick Northern coat, so he will need regular brushing.  He loves his food, but is good to let his feeding be interrupted.  He has guts of steel & doesn’t seem to have any food preferences or sensitivity.   He displays no possession concerns with food, toys or people.  He has made many dog friends, both large and small ones though he tends towards the hearty mid – large sized friends, as his favourite game is wrestling.  Duke gets along well with both male & female dogs, and isn’t over-reactive to intact males (as some boys are).  His favourite cuddle buddy is his fellow foster, Suki.  He is working on his playstyle manner with people, as he likes to nip hands to get people attention, and is a bit mouthy when playing.  Duke has been a quick learner, though, and is learning to nudge our hands when he wants attention.

He is a sensitive boy to loud sounds and new experiences, and still a bit fearful of walking around busy traffic.  We have been able to increase his walking route to three blocks, in the downtown core!  (This is a great improvement since he used to refuse to go out the door!)  However, when out in the quiet parks he loves to walk and can do so for a long time.  He does stop to assess new people & dogs, or situations, to deem if they are scary but once he has taken the time, he carries on.  We do walk him with a front harness, since he is a strong boy once he gets going.  His recall has not been tested, and is not recommended until a strong bond of trust is built, due to his fearfulness and tendency to bolt if scared.  He is good & respectful in the house, without any destructive tendencies.  Duke is afraid of getting into the car, but once lifted in he travels well, without barking or destruction when left for a minute (to purchase the parking lot pass).

Duke was respectful with the few babies & toddlers he has been exposed to so far.  He may be okay with a family with children, though supervision is needed for his nipping-for-attention still.

Overall, Duke will make a great companion for a single individual, or family, who has the patience to show him the world isn’t as scary as he thinks it is.


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