Enclosed Deck vs Open Deck

We seem to see a lot of folks who want to let their cats on their decks. So we thought we would let you know that we see and vets see MANY cats who jump, fall or even get taken off balconies by large birds if the deck is open to the outside at all. Some cats are super curios and will find any opening to escape. Even a small few inch opening a cat can squish themselves out through. As well some just go to jump on the railing after a bug or a bird and slip off the ends. Our vets have stressed it happens more than you would think and just not safe for cats to be out on. Even if you are out there it only takes a second and they can be gone. If this is something you want to do please consider getting it 100% enclosed so the cat is safe and secure !


These decks are partially enclosed. Railings go to approx. waist height and open above that.

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