Choosing a Cat Post

Cats are very interesting creatures, they are excellent companions and give us happiness throughout our days, so after all cats give to us we need to give back to them in ways that will make them happy as well. One of the ways we can give, is to supply them with a proper cat scratching post to satisfy their scratching needs. Cats need to scratch, it is part of their nature but some cat posts they are scratching does not necessarily satisfy their scratching urges.

Not all scratch posts are created equal, maybe to a human we think, who cares what kind of scratch post the cat uses, but to the cat it is a completely different story. Their scratch post is part of their livelihood and is an absolute necessity for a cat to have a good scratch post.

There are a few things to look for when choosing a proper post for your cat. First, would be the height of the post. The height should be high enough for your cat to fully stretch out while using the post, at least 30 inches tall. If your cat is fairly large in size and he or she is using an 8 inch scratch post, that will not be sufficient for your cat and they will probably look for more adequate scratching solutions such as your couch.

Stability is the second factor in choosing a cat post.  Why do you think your cat scratches your couch? Because it feels good? Yes, and also because your couch is stable, it does not move or wobble while your cat is scratching it which makes your cat more satisfied. But the whole point to having a scratch post is to avoid having your cat destroy your furniture in the first place. That is why you must supply your cat with a stable post.

The third important factor in choosing a good scratch post is the actual scratching surface. Some posts use a carpet covered surface, or bare wood as their scratching surface and some posts use plain untreated sisal rope. Every cat is different, some prefer carpet or wood but most prefer sisal rope as their scratching surface and sisal rope will outlast all other scratching surfaces when it comes to shredding. Cats like sisal over any other scratching surface because sisal is rougher to the touch and cats like a rough post to scratch.

We love animals and they deserve only the best, they give so much to us as people that we tend to take for granted sometimes, pets are truly a gift to us and we should only give the best in return to them.

here are posts I highly recommend –  They are made to purfection and I have some over 15 years old so they LAST !  and the cats love the wood to scratch.

you can contact him directly and he can tell you which stores sell them !

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